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Get yourself driven in your own car, call us!

Chauffeur privé

Call a private chauffeur, who’ll drive you in your vehicle and make the most of your evening peacefully.

Continue travelling in your own car, despite the suspension of driver’s license.

The comfort of being driven by exceptional staff, all the while using your vehicles.

An innovative service of providing chauffeurs

Make the most of your car in Paris, Monaco or Cannes in a different way, thanks to the car-free chauffeur service provided by Gesti-Car. Some important events in our lives, whether professional or private, deserve to be experienced without any trouble. Move around during elegantly dressed moments, without driving your own car and wrinkling your beautiful outfits. So, call our experienced and stylish private chauffeurs at the Gesti-Car company. They come to drive your own vehicle so that you don’t come across any stress-related issues, like the careful respect of a timing on a road that you don’t know well and the difficulty of finding a parking spot in town.

Chauffeur privé

Gesti-Car: provides chauffeurs who aren’t that expensive

The car-free private chauffeur service by the Gesti-Car company to individuals and professionals, leans on very flexible pricing policy, within the company. If your usual private driver is not immediately available, a discount of up to 50% of the initial cost will be rewarded for your patience. Subscribing to a Gesti-Car service subscription, entitles you to a 15% discount on all the services provided by the company, throughout the year. Precise and free quotations are possible on the elegant Gesti-Car website and on the telephone via the customer service

When to call a car-free chauffeur?

The car-free private chauffeur will be useful for not leaving your lovely sedan or sports car in the garage, while relieving you from the constraints of driving in several cases: professional customers to drive around in Paris, Cannes or Monaco, to drive you to your ceremony venue of your looming wedding, so that you reach fresh and available at an outstanding party or for a romantic night getaway.

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